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About the Silk Road

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was the great transcontinental route linking the Roman Empire in the West with the imperial court of China in the East. It was the information super highway of its age, serving as the conduit not only for goods but also for the transmission of knowledge and ideas between East and West. First traveled by Zhang Qian when he was sent on a diplomatic mission to the Western Regions in the Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), the road was officially named in the mid-19th century by the German scholar, Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen.

The ancient route started at Luoyang and the magnificent Chang’an (the ancient name of Xi'an), the capitals of the Tang Dynasty. It reached the Yellow River at Lanzhou in the Gansu Province, then skirted westward along deserts and mountains before dividing into three routes at the oasis of Dunhuang, which is one of the well-known Chinese historical and cultural cities, and the bright pearl on the ancient Silk Road. Walking through Xinjiang, brave ancient merchants and travelers headed in a continuous journey westward until they arrived in Rome.

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