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Silk Road Lowers Manufacturing Costs

How much can we lower your manufacturing costs?

We believe that most smaller U.S. companies can benefit by Asian outsourcing, but most of them don't have the time or the budget to send valuable staff resources to the Far East in search of reliable sources that can meet their pricing, quality and delivery needs. Silk Road Asian Sourcing can provide all of these services, efficiently and cost effectively!

Silk Road can be your very own sourcing agent in Asia.

Whatever the product or manufacturing process you need, we can find it! We’ll use the contacts that we have carefully nurtured over many years, and we'll match you up with the best, most appropriate partners for your project.

We typically help our clients increase their margins by at least 10 percent, or even more depending on the product. The possibilities are great for dramatic improvements in your efficiency and significantly reduced overhead. Is it time to streamline your business and improve your competitiveness? Silk Road Asian Sourcing will save you money!

Are you wondering how your current prices compare to production prices overseas?

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